New President at IAKS LAC

The IAKS LAC is under new leadership: Agustín García Puga from Argentina has been elected its President for the term 2021 to 2023. To herald a generational change, the long-time former President of IAKS LAC, Jorge Ehlers Hodar from Chile, has taken up the position of Director at the beginning of the new term.

Maria de Lourdes Sandoval Martinón from Mexico serves as Vice President; Alfredo Moreira Quirós from Uruguay was confirmed in his office as Secretary. The positions of five more Directors are held by David Magos (Mexico), Carlos Segura (Argentina), Alexander Meier (Venezuela), Iván Agama (Ecuador) and Carlos de la Corte (Brazil).

Directivo - Agustin Garcia Puga

Agustín García Puga from Argentina